Code of Ethics

  1. I consider consent and choice to be the most fundemental part of what I do

    • I will always:
      • Obtain consent from clients before engaging in any activity
      • Stop all actvity imediatly upon a no or stop word
      • Discuss and agree boudaries beofre the start of a session
    • I will never:
      • Work with anyone under the age of 18
      • Work with a client that I feel is unable to consent
      • Work with any client that I believe to be unable to consent due to drink and / or drugs
      • Go beyond a clients agreed boundaries during a session, even if requested to
  2. I know my boundaries and limitations

    • I will always:
      • Only provide educational or instructional services that I have appropriate training in, knowledge of, and / or experience with
      • Consider the limits of my skills and experience before providing services to clients, if I cannot provide a service I will try to signpost to a service that can
    • I will not:
      • Provide counselling or psychotherapy for a client
      • Seek to meet my romantic appetites through my clients
      • Fulfil my client’s desire for romantic connection
      • Sexual contact with clients outside sessions
  3. I will always consider both mine and my clients safety

    • I will always:
      • Have routine comprehensive STI screening from my local NHS service
      • Use condoms / gloves for anything that is inserted
      • Use condoms / dental dams for any oral contact with genitals
      • Notify all clients in the event of any failure of barrier protection methods
      • Have regular supervision as a routine part of my practice
  4. I will respect my clients right to privacy

    • I will respect, defend, and preserve the privacy of all information gained from clients. I will preserve the anonymity of clients when using information for purposes of teaching and research

Updated: 2017-02-25