I am an intersex person who identifies as nonbinary, although my presentation can be considered anything from androgynous to femme depending on how I am presenting that day.

My intersex condition is Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (PAIS) with some Mosaic) characteristics.

I was lucky enough not to have been surgically altered at birth and to have had my birth sex assignment of indeterminate left on my documents. Although in later life I have opted to have some surgical alteration to make myself more comfortable with my body.

In my late teens I opted for a male gender assignment and took androgens to try and encourage a more masculine puberty. Although by this point I already had breasts and a more feminine pattern body fat distribution and skeletal structure. But the androgens did allow me to live as male for a while before I realised that I did not feel comfortable living as male.

In my early twenties unhappy with my male presentation I decided to try female gender presentation and underwent a transition from male to female. But also found that I was no more comfortable presenting and living as female than I was presenting and living as male.

After a long period of self discovery I have returned to presenting as I did when I was younger, which is an intersex person with a what would be understood by Western Europeans as a nonbinary gender presentation.

If you have any more questions about my physical appearence / itdentity please see my FAQ section


My pronouns of choice are fae / faer, which fit in nicely with other parts of my identity. Although I am also happy for people to use they / them or she / her pronouns for me, as there is a feminine bias in my presentation.